November 17, 2006

Custom entity limitations

This is a summary from the book Working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0.

A list what you can't do with custom entities:
  • You cannot create many-to-many relationships between entities. Well... you cannot create many-to-many relationships at all
  • You can not merge two custom entities together
  • Export and import is possible only by using some third party tool. Microsoft CRM Data Migration Framework does not support custom entities
  • The Microsoft CRM system entities include a relationship to Customer in which users can select an Account or a Contact. For custom entities, you can specify a relationship with the Account entity and the Contact entity, but you cannot create a relationship to the composite Customer entity (in which users can select an Account or a Contact on a single lookup).
  • Only one parent relationship per custom entity is allowed
  • Custom entities don't appear in an entity rollup
  • Organization-owned custom entities can't participate in Microsoft CRM workflow
  • You cannot create a custom relationship between an entity and itself
  • You could not create relationships in such a way that a form has two or more lookups that connect to the same custom entity.
  • Custom entities cannot have a parental relationship behavior to system entities

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