November 7, 2007

CRM 4.0 - first 5 minutes

I finally had time to take a look at it. The CTP version. Virtual PC image is almost 8GB big and needs slightly more than 1GB of RAM.

Just a quick look for 5 minutes - I'm satisfied.

Workflows are now designed in web client, they support update (you can choose columns) and delete actions.

Duplicate detection - not perfect, but still better than nothing.

User interface - better looking, but still some icons missing

Multiple languages - Cool feature for exporting and importing the published field names, attribute values, ... for translation purposes

Web services - Now you can download WSDL from web client. I'm not sure if this is really useful feature. Or is it?

Will write more later.

Update: David stressed a good point about downloading WSDL in comments: CRM Live


Anonymous said...

The download of the WSDL is really most used for CRM Live, but can come in handy for a number of other scenarios where the developer isn't in the same location as the server, someone could just send them the WSDL file to work with.

Dejan Dular said...

Good point David.

It seems that I forgot about CRM Live.